2008 NFL Undefeated Odds

King Ing July 1, 2008 0

We all know that the chips are stacked against you when gambling, but as VegasWatch points out they are really against you if you bet on this prop. BetUS has released their odds on the chances each NFL team will go undefeated this upcoming season. What looks like great value considering you rarely find odds like these ever, is actually the worse kind of wager. While the New England Patriots went undefeated last season, the chances of them repeating are highly unlikely, yet BetUS only offers 15/1 on this while VegasWatch has the true odds at 78/1. You need everything to go write a team is to go undefeated, i.e. the Ravens/Patriots game last year.

My favorite has to be the odds for the Atlanta Falcons to stay unbeaten. BetUS only offers 500/1 on something that in reality is something like 198,115,000/1. I am going to go out on a limb here and say they won’t do it. In fact I pretty much think no team will go unbeaten this year. Again, this is why I am a successful gambler; at least I tell myself that.

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