So you are telling me I can’t stand at the game?

King Ing June 30, 2008 0

ProFootballTalk breaks the news that the Kansas City Chiefs have a number that you can text if you have a complaint about another fan during the game. Well that makes sense, especially if you see someone drunk, fighting or continually using obscene language; but is it really necessary if you see this happen

“Standing and/or obstructing the view of other fans”

Basically you are telling me that the Kansas City Chiefs discourage me getting off my backside and cheering during a big play? So who is going to root for Brodie Croyle completing a 5 yard out route to Dwayne Bowe? My foam finger can only do so much. Suck it KC, thats why you will never have a good sports franchise with management making decisions like this. But you do have some good barbecue!

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