Manny being Manny, or Sprewell, depending on your view.

Gino Vaginelli June 30, 2008 0

Not long ago Manny Ramirez seemed like a good guy for attempting to slap the goatee off the face of fellow teammate and bear Kevin Youkilis in the Red Sox dugout. In typical fashion the incident was squashed and said to be nothing but a “misunderstanding”. Now Manny is in hot water again, at least by the press, for assaulting the teams traveling secretary Jack McCormick for being unable to furnish him with 16 tickets to the Red Sox game vs the Astros.

Just the other day Astros starter Shawn Chacon was released by the Astros for choking GM Ed Wade in the clubhouse in an altercation over Chacon’s demotion to the bullpen. So what’s the deal with the Red Sox and their lack of discipline with “Manny being Manny”? How many times is he going to act out before they actually put their foot down and stop enabling him. It’s one thing to use the  “Manny being Manny” defense when it comes to his aloof nature of things like not running out fly-balls or admiring homeruns, but when it comes to acts of violence against members of his own organization it set a horrible precedent for players with big paychecks and bats to match.

Of course with David Ortiz’s bat already out of the lineup owner Henry, Lucchino, Epstein and Francona won’t sit Manny for more than a night which amounts to little more than a routine day off. So the message coming from all of this is either you can only assault organization underlings such as Traveling Secretaries and Locker Room Assistants, but the suits like GM’s are off-limits. Or if your paycheck is big enough and your bat is needed bad enough you can get away with bloody murder. Let’s see if the Red Sox organization proves me wrong on this one…but I’m willing to bet Manny doesn’t sit for more than one night for this one while Shawn Chacon is still looking for a job.

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