Chicago Cubs and White Sox fans unite like Voltron

King Ing June 30, 2008 1

Fights in the stands are an everyday occurrence. But having White Sox and Cubs fans fight in unison is something to behold. BustedCoverage has video and the background of a beating one man took at a game over the weekend.

The Sox fan near the pole was talking trash from the beginning, so in the 4th inning he started talking about the guy in the Thome Jersey’s “family”…then an old guy stepped up and off they went…A good minute goes by with no security, the guy gets owned by a bunch of cubs and sox fans.

My favorite part is when security handcuffs the guy after he continues to resist and pulled his shirt over his face so he can’t see anything.

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  1. California Correspondent June 30, 2008 at 1:40 pm -

    I love how baseball security guards respond by removing the guy who got his ass beat. I guess it’s more for his safety than anything else.

    But what about the dudes who threw the flurry of punches? It seems like they always get off without a problem at baseball games.

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