Nothing is better than miserable New Yorkers

King Ing June 27, 2008 1

I love the fact that most Knicks fans have not watched Danilo Gallinari play, but already boo the crap out of him. Why do we always have to assume he is a soft whitey? Oh, it’s because he is a soft white Euro. Maybe New York fans will come around. I mean if you could love Chris Dudley, you can love the “Big Cock.” Although I do give fans credit for last night. No better way to stick it to the Euro than chant “USA, USA;” especially with the value of our dollar going down faster than Jenna Haze!

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  1. Jamba June 28, 2008 at 2:06 am -

    I hope Gallinari becomes a major NBA star and all the Italian mob starts going to the games.

    Then when the Nets move to Brooklyn we can have turf wars at MSG.

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