The Russians have extra incentive to score a goal today

King Ing June 26, 2008 0

The second semifinal of Euro 2008 will be played later today between Russia and Spain. Of course the Russians will compete to win the game, but one fan offers a little something extra for each player that scores a goal for his home country.

“Russian Euro 2008 players have been promised two gorgeous girls for each goal they score. Wealthy socialite Pyotr Listerman was filmed making the offer to star player Andrei Arshavin, 27. Listerman, known for setting up rich Russians with wives, said: “For each goal I’ll present two beautiful chicks. Watch the guys react.”

Andrei Arshavin and Sergei Semak might be taking shots from 50 yards out. Hopefully one of them will score on the field, so they can score off it as well. Plus they are on my fantasy team. Spain goalie Iker Casillas can ruin it for them! Too bad I see Spain winning the rematch today 3-1!

-Kudos WithLeather

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