Bringing Back The Draft: Lessons To Be Learned

Justin June 26, 2008 0

So, what have we learned?

Well, the first lesson is simple. NBA GM’s know about as much as you do, when it comes to projecting the future success of basketball prospects. But, it seems there are a few mistakes that have been made over and over again, consistently, through the years.

1. Stop thinking so hard. It’s happening as we speak with Pat Riley in Miami. For months, scouts and coaches have been in love with Michael Beasley’s game. And why wouldn’t they be? His numbers in college were ridiculous. So, why would Riley be trying to trade out of the spot, and possibly grab OJ Mayo instead? Just take Beasley! Remember 1998? Everyone had second thoughts about a high scoring forward who went to school in Kansas, and he fell all the way to number 10. What ever happened to Paul Pierce anyway? Oh yeah. Finals MVP. You think Dallas maybe should have taken him instead of Tractor Traylor. he’s out of the league, and I think he might be in jail.

2. The dollar may be down, but don’t overvalue the Euro. This year it’s Danilo Galinardi. In the past, its been Darko or Tskitishvilli or Fran Vasquez. One is a bust, one is a d-leaguer, and the third never even bothered coming to the NBA. But team officials were wowed by the grainy snuff film caliber footage they saw of these guys, and passed on players like Amare Stoudamire, Danny Granger and, of course, Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh.

3. You can’t teach height, but you can’t teach stupid either. Eddy Curry has “an NBA body.” Unfortunately, he seems to have a ten cent head. Same goes for Michael Olowokandi, Kwame Brown, Marcus Fizer, the aformentioned Tractor Traylor, etc, etc, etc. Size is nice. Skill is better. Think about that tonight, when your favorite team takes DeAndre Jordan instead of Mario Chalmers or another player who actually proved they could play in college.

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