JP Ricciardi got played…hard

King Ing June 25, 2008 0

Way to go JP Ricciardi. First you call out Cincinnati Reds outfielder Adam Dunn for having a lack of passion for the game of baseball and then you go and apologize. Have some balls and stand by your words!

“There’s a reason why you’re attracted to some players and there’s a reason why you’re not attracted to some players. I don’t think you’d be very happy if we brought Adam Dunn here … We’ve done our homework on guys like Adam Dunn and there’s a reason why we don’t want Adam Dunn. I don’t want to get into specifics.”

My favorite part of the story is how he thought he apologized to Dunn over the phone, but came to find out days later that he actually never talked to the Reds outfielder. Someone prank called Ricciardi. Good work to whoever did that and I would love to interview the person that actually did call the Blue Jays GM. So if you are out there contact me, but my journalistic skills are limited so I will probably just ask you your thoughts on Brittney Spears and Miley Cyrus.

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