Bringing Back The Draft: 2007

Justin June 25, 2008 0

The Playoffs are over, but that just means the NBA off-season has begun. The Draft is tomorrow! In preparation for that magical evening, and the mistakes that are bound to be made, it’s time to review drafts of the past. We’ll do one a day until Michael Beasley or Derrick Rose put on a Bulls hat, and share an awkward handshake with David Stern.

Today: 2007

Top 5:

  1. Greg Oden (POR)
  2. Kevin Durant (SEA)
  3. Al Horford (ATL)
  4. Mike Conley (MEM)
  5. Jeff Green (BOS)

The Hindsight is 20/20 top 5: It is absolutely ridiculous for me to be doing this. It’s been one year! Here goes..

  1. Greg Oden
  2. Kevin Durant
  3. Al Horford
  4. Al Thornton
  5. Rodney Stuckey

I believe the hype. For the first time in my life, I’m giving someone benefit of the doubt. Oden will be the beast everyone says he will. Durant has proven that he’s the type of scorer who can lead a franchise. You can’t argue with a rookie center like Horford, who led his team to the Playoffs and grabbed double digit boards. Thornton came into the league with a reputation as a dynamic scorer. He did nothing to prove that wrong. Stuckey is a key figure in the Piston’s transition to the next generation.

1st rounder who should have gone in the 2nd round: I hate Tiago Splitter! This guy was a rumored first rounder for like 5 years, and yet, he always pulled out of the draft at the last minute. The Spurs finally picked him last year, so that probably means he’ll end up being a star. Still, I hate him and his stupid name. This one is personal. Stop teasing me, Tiago.

2nd rounder who should have been taken in the 1st round: Again, way too early to make this determination. But Big Baby Davis won a championship, and Boston fell in love with him. So, why not?

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