Bringing Back The Draft:2004

Justin June 22, 2008 0

The Playoffs are over, but that just means the NBA off-season has begun. The Draft is only 4 days away. In preparation for that magical evening, and the mistakes that are bound to be made, it’s time to review drafts of the past. We’ll do one a day until Michael Beasley or Derrick Rose put on a Bulls hat, and share an awkward handshake with David Stern.

Today: 2004

Top 5:

1. Dwight Howard (ORL)
2. Emeka Okafor (CHA)
3. Ben Gordon (CHI)
4. Shaun Livingston (LAC)
5. Devin Harris (WAS)

Hindsight is 20/20 Top 5: Athleticism, Athleticism, Athleticism

1. Dwight Howard
2. Al Jefferson
3. Andre Iguodola
4. Josh Smith
5. Kevin Martin

Howard is the best rebounder since Moses Malone, and he can dunk? It’s not even fair. Wait till he finishes growing. Jefferson has averaged a double double two years in a row, on terrible teams. In 5 years, the Garnett trade may not look like such a no-brainer for the Celtics, championship or not. Iguodola led the upstart sixers into the playoffs, and took the eventual champs to 7 games. Smith is perhaps the most unique player ever, a perimeter player with hops who is also the best shot-blocker in the league. And all Martin has done is average 20 plus points a game, while being thin enough to fax himself from game to game.

1st rounder who should have gone in the 2nd round: Rafeal Araujo certainly stinks, doesn’t he? He spent two bad years in Toronto, a third terrible one in Utah, and then it was off to Europe.

2nd rounder who should have gone in the 1st round: Weak crop this year. I’ll go with Anderson Verajao, because he’s proven to be the bodyguard LeBron needs in Cleveland. Plus he’s Brazilian, just like Araujo, so its a little symmetry.

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