Things That Bother Me

Justin June 20, 2008 0

Today’s problem: The Love Guru. 

“But, Justin,” you say, “SPC is a sports site. Why are you complaining about a movie?” Because I’m the blogger, that’s why! Also, it’s obstensibly about the Toronto Maple Leafs, so I’m in the clear, you semantic bastards!

Anyway, this thing looks like a load of shit.  I used to like Mike Myers.  He was great on SNL, and his first few movies were great.  Then came “Austin Powers; The Spy Who Shagged Me”, and it’s all been downhill from there.  Doesn’t anyone else realize it’s just the same jokes over and over again, with slightly different cultural references?  And now, this Guru thing?  Even he knows it sucks. Seriously. Watch him on a talkshow this week.  He jumps around like an idiot (or Robin Williams, who is also a wretched drain on society) and makes funny noises, so the host has no time to ask about the movie.  Then the dopey host laughs and plays along for five minutes, the segment ends, and it’s time for Joan Embrie and her crazy Antelopes!  Meanwhile, you’ve learned nothing about this idiot movie, and you have no idea if you want to see it.  Well, you don’t. It’s stupid.

And enough of Verne Troyer. He’s small and will probably die soon as a result. Do we need to laugh at him until that happens?

So, if you’re going to the movies this weekend, see something else.  That is all.

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