While You Were Sleeping

Justin June 17, 2008 1

Somewhere in the middle of New Jersey or Connecticut or Delaware there is a sports fan.  He is not fanatical.  He has his favorite teams, and enjoys watching big network games.  But he does not tune in to sportstalk radio and he does check scores on the internet once he gets to work in the morning.

And right now, he thinks the Lakers won game 4 and Willie Randolph is still the Manager of the Mets.

Who says there’s an East Coast media bias?

I don’t care if the Lakers are involved. There is no reason for NBA games to start at 9:15 at night.  I haven’t seen the end of a finals game yet.

And this thing with the Mets?  Even if you forget about the classless manner in which this firing was handled, why couldn’t it have been done either before the game, or at some point this morning? Why did New Yorkers have to wake up and find out their Manager had been let go?

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  1. bshrek June 17, 2008 at 4:13 pm -

    AMEN!!! i don’t really care about the mets, but i needed to take off on monday in order to watch all of game 5…boo to the nba and abc

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