Turkey Gobbles Czech Republic in Euro 2008

California Correspondent June 16, 2008 0

Prague FootballYesterday morning I was in Prague, as the city was setting up a large outdoor screen to watch the Czech Republic vs. Turkey match, which would decide who goes onto the next round (photo credit: me). I had to leave Prague before the game, heading to a small town in the country side, where I watched the match on TV with a group of Czechs.

The Czechs dominated the game early, managing the ball for the first 65 minutes and going up 2-0. With about 15 minutes left in the match, the Czechs seemed to get lethargic, and possibly thought the game was won — and this is when Turkey came back to score 3 goals within about 15 minutes, to get the win and gobble up the hopes of the Czech national team. Final score, Turkey won 3-2.

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