Bringing Back The Draft: 1997

Justin June 15, 2008 0

Sure we’re smack dab in the middle of the most exciting NBA Finals in a decade, but it’s time to look towards next season. The draft is 12 days away. In preparation for that magical evening, and the mistakes that are bound to be made, it’s time to review drafts of the past. We’ll do one a day until Michael Beasley or Derrick Rose put on a Bulls hat, and share an awkward handshake with David Stern.

Today: 1997

Top 5:

  1. Tim Duncan (SAS)
  2. Keith Van Horn (PHI)
  3. Chauncey Billups (BOS)
  4. Antonio Daniels (VAN)
  5. Tony Battie (DEN)

The Hindsight is 20/20 Top 5: Not good. Not good at all.

  1. Tim Duncan
  2. Tracy McGrady
  3. Chauncey Billups
  4. Keith Van Horn
  5. Bobby Jackson

Will Duncan go down as the best power forward ever? It’s possible. Will anyone else even go down in history? I’m not sure. McGrady is as famous for playoff failure as for his basketball talent, and Billups bounced around for years before finding his niche with Detroit. No one else is worth mentioning.

1st rounder who should have gone in the 2nd round: This is really hard. This is a draft made up of backups, has-beens and never-weres. If I have to pick one person, I’m going to go with Rodrick Rhodes, though it’s more of a career achievement award for him. Rhodes was a highly touted recruit out of New York who flamed out at Kentucky before transferring to USC. The Rockets drafted him off that same potential, and he never lived up to it.

2nd rounder who should have gone in the 1st round: This one is easy. Stephen Jackson is a borderline all-star in the NBA, and a team captain in Golden State. He’s also a nutcase, as evidenced by the malice at the Palace and his continued shooting up of strip clubs.

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