Just In Time For Father’s Day

Justin June 13, 2008 2

I made a mistake this morning.  I watched ESPN First Take, and listened to Skip Bayless and Greg Anthony go after Kobe Bryant for his bizarre post game comments. ( I can’t figure out how to imbed video, so you have to click on the link. sorry)

Essentially, they were saying Kobe needs to be more careful what he says, since he’s a role model to America’s young people.

Well, I have news for you.  If you’re a parent and you still allow your child to look up to Kobe Bryant as some sort of hero, you deserve whatever is coming to you.  I’ve already explained my theory on his psyche.  Even if you don’t agree with that, you have to admit this isn’t the sort of guy you want young people to emulate.  He’s an admitted adulterer, and possible sexual offender. His history as a terrible teammate is well documented, no matter what crap his Laker teammates have been forced to spew about the team being a family.

Bottom line: He’s a great basketball player, possibly the best in the world.  But he’s a bad guy.

Charles Barkley famously said “I am not a role model.” Compared to Bryant, Sir Charles is Ward Cleaver and Cliff Huxtable wrapped into one.


  1. King Ing June 13, 2008 at 2:04 pm -

    Well said!

  2. jumbo June 14, 2008 at 3:17 pm -

    He’s Michael Jordan without the good PR rep. MJ was pulling the same stunts without geting caught in the media.

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