Will Leitch is awesome, so that means I am awesome

King Ing June 10, 2008 1

Last week Will Leitch announced to the world that he will be leaving his post as Deadspin’s editor. Seen by most including myself as the greatest sports blog on the interweb, Leitch and the Gawker Media network have done a great job branding the product. AOL Fanhouse has broken down the odds of the possible heir apparent’s. But I have to say my favorite analysis would have to go to Busted Coverage. And it’s not only because they have awesome pictures and limited words in the post (perfect for my attention deficit disorder), but it’s actually because I fit the bill on all these.

1. “Be determined enough to ride a bull in a suit jacket” – check (i would wear a blazer in the desert and am a member of the BLAZER BOYS)

2. “Be comfortable with Chinese massage therapists rubbing down the gunboats” – check (Big ups to the massage loving Bret S.)

3. “Have good enough looks to pull in the Pittsburgh female readership” – check (have you seen a pic of me yet)

4. “Get bombed when your baseball team wins the World Series” – check (I get bombed win, lose and even if they don’t play)

5. “Know how to pose for Gawker “Are you taking my photo?” photos” – (Have I mentioned that I am the Asian Brad Pitt)

6. “Enjoy holding court with a bunch of Internet dorks at Deadspin parties” – check (I am one of those internet dorks)

7. “Have great hair” – check (I am Asian, speaks for itself and i manage to have hairstyles no one else would dare dream of)

8. “Be capable of belting Nirvana karaoke tunes at your going away party” – check (I am Asian = Asians love karaoke)

So there you have it, I fit the bill to be the next Deadspin editor (according to Busted Coverage). Just disregard my elementary school vocabulary, grammatical errors, and my lack of knowledge about anything other than gambling and I am your man.

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  1. Lucho June 10, 2008 at 11:53 pm -

    King, this sounds like your job for the taking! DO WORK SON!

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