Dollar beers never tasted so good

King Ing June 9, 2008 0

The Modesto Nuts, a class A affiliate of the Rockies, have made beers during the fifth inning of every game one dollar. This marketing strategy backfired. Down 9-1, Aneury Rodriguez beaned a member of the Stockton Ports with a 90+ mph fastball. The hit batsman took exception and showed it on a potential double play ball.

“He slid spikes up into second, had the second baseman fall on top of him and get all tangled up. One thing leads to another and then the two are throwing punches at one another. Of course, the dugouts empty after that point and the brawl is on. One of the Ports’ relievers had to be taken to the hospital where he had his two facial fractures looked at that should probably keep him out the rest of the season. All told, 8 players were ejected and it took nearly 50 minutes for order to be restored and the inning to finally end.”

Of course I wouldn’t be writing about this if it didn’t happen in the fifth inning. That is a great way to spend an afternoon. Get drunk off cheap draft beer, watch baseball, and have a fight break out. Although this doesn’t top the greatest sports achievement achieved on Saturday by yours truly; 2 homeruns in the same inning of a wiffleball game that both hit the same exact spot on the right field foul pole! Thank you Thank you

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