Lance’s new energy drink, no synthetic testosterone included

California Correspondent June 8, 2008 0

FRSIf you’ve been reading sports sites other than ours lately (but why would you really?), you may have seen this ad for Lance Armstrong’s new sports drink: FRS Healthy Energy.

According to reputable sources, Lance has taken an equity position within the company who makes FRS, and they were actually the largest spending advertiser on the interweb in the month of May. Lance’s drink spent more cash on interactive ads than Unilever, Pepsi and Proctor & Gamble.

There’s no problem spending a lot of cash to introduce a new product to the market, but here’s the flaw with the strategy. Lance has retired and is no longer winning big bike races. Why do I want to drink the same sports drink as a retired athlete? Now, maybe if he was still racing I’d consider it. This would be like Nolan Ryan endorsing an energy bar. Does anyone care what sports drink or energy bar a retired-athlete turned promoter is consuming? Probably not. And will they buy it? Again, probably not.

If Lance has a significant stake in this and wants to see it really sell, I suggest he make a return to the 2009 Tour de France, piss off the French with another win, and sell a crap load of this ill-named sports drink.

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