2008 Euro Group D Preview: Cliff Notes Style

King Ing June 6, 2008 0


Greece, the defending Euro Champs, need to revive the same spirit they had 4 years back. Will German Coach bring his effective coaching style back? Will Angelos Charisteas come and save the day again? If they can manage to concentrate on attacking and banging out 2 – 0 leads, they are good enough in defense to hold out to the end of June.


Russia, along with Croatia and Romania and maybe Switzerland, can be the surprise team. Coach Hiddink has a way of transforming teams form not so good to potential threats to big teams. No player’s name sticks out. They are relying on a system, not the individual. Think Soviet Union. No wait, that’s a bad analogy.


Spain. I honestly think their falling apart nature will change. If they ever had a chance to win, this is it. Great young potential. Spain and England ( though they are absent) are due. Fernando Torres is one of the best attackers out there. He is amazing. Will David Villa score one of his jaw dropping goals? Will Barcelona star Carles Puyol hold down the defense. If Fabregas has his way, this team will make some nice plays.


Sweden always has a good team but may be relying too much on the great Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He came back to help Inter win the Scudetto with 2 fabulous goals but will he do what he did against Italy in 04 again? I am just happy to see Henrik Larsson back on the team. What is he like 87?

King Ing Predictions: Spain should have its way with this group. And I always have faith in Sweden, yet they always let me down. This time they won’t as they get through to the quarterfinals. Greece and Russia; I don’t see them mustering up enough offense to advance within this group.

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