Lakers v Celtics: Objective Point of View

Justin June 5, 2008 1

In order for me to write a proper NBA finals preview, it’s important for me to espouse my dime store psychology theory on Kobe Bryant.

In my opinion, he is a full fledged sociopath. It explains every aspect of his personality. Kobe needs to be the dominant personality and the most powerful force in every situation. It explains how he had the balls to jump from High School to the NBA. It explains how he managed to become a star on the Lakers so quickly, even though he began by backing up an all star guard like Eddie Jones. It explains why he forced Shaq out, and had so many problems with Phil Jackson. That need to dominate can also explain the situation in Eagle County, Colorado.

The Celtics have their own resident head case, though as far as I can tell, Kevin Garnett’s aggression stops at yelling. He has been credited (rightly so) with changing the culture in Boston. This team could have been a disaster before the season. Its hard to mix all those personalities, but KG’s intensity lifted the team to new heights, while his humility allowed Paul Pierce and Ray Allen to share the spotlight.

And that’s why the Lakers will win. Rajon Rondo may be worried that KG will yell at him if he makes a key turnover late in a game. But Luke Walton knows that Kobe could potentially kill him if he throws the ball away.

Lakers in 6

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