Kimbo Slice is a genius

King Ing June 2, 2008 1

I don’t claim to be a MMA expert, but I have watched more than 5 UFC pay per views in my life. While I was busy singing karaoke on Saturday night, I did record the Kimbo Slice/James Thompson fight. After watching it you can see that Kimbo is flawed technically. He can brawl it out with the best of them, but when taken to the floor looks very suspect. Now there are glimpses of technique that can be improved on over time, but having started training for this type of fight so late he will be hard pressed to be a MMA champion. I love watching him fight, but with his style he is better suited fighting a brawler than the likes of a Randy Couture. Maybe when his EliteXC contract is up, we would be able to see a Brock Lesner/Kimbo Slice matchup. Even better, I would pay a couple hundred bucks to watch Rampage Jackson move up to heavyweight and fight Kimbo. Too bad we can only dream about that scenario for now.

Now Kimbo Slice has the internet to thank for his stardom. Brawling in many unsanctioned street fights he gained notoriety for his fight with Sean Gannon. The fight reached youtube and everyone was hooked. His rise to stardom could have stopped there, but he knew what could happen from this. He and those around him knew that the Kimbo Slice name and story were marketable. So they continued to put out more videos and people started following his every move. He developed a cult like following. Of course people loved the way he fought, but what draws many, including myself in is his personable demeanor. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t want to be caught alone in a back alley with this guy, but he seems to handle himself with poise and self discipline. His hard luck story is one most can root for. Homeless, living out of your car to making six-figures per fight is amazing. I hope he improves and gets a chance to fight his naysayers. Now that Tito Ortiz’s contract with UFC up, I would love to see a fight between Kimbo and the guy who says Kimbo wouldn’t stand a chance against any real MMA fighter.

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