Joe and Mo shop at Macys. So should you.

California Correspondent June 1, 2008 0

Macys Fathers Day SaleI checked my mailbox on Saturday and was surprised to be greeted by good ole’ Joe and Mo. Why are they promoting the Macy’s Father’s Day sale?

According to Wikipedia: “Torre has one son, Michael, by his first wife, Jackie, whom he married in 1963. He has two daughters, Lauren and Christine, by his second wife, Dani, whom he married in 1968. Both marriages ended in divorce. On August 23, 1987, he married Alice (Ali) Wolterman. They have a daughter, Andrea, together.”

After reading that I finally get it. Joe is a typical American father. So take Joe’s advice, and go get your dad a nice pair of dockers for Fathers day.

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