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A Western Conference Preview

Justin May 8, 2008 1

So, let’s get this out of the way before I start. I haven’t watched a second of either the Red Wings or the Stars this season. In fact, I had to look up who

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Perfect game for a blind bowler

King Ing May 8, 2008 3

I heard this story on Mike and Mike in the Morning and was astonished by his feat. Not only is Dale Davis 78 years old, he is also blind. Even though his frame weighs

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Just one time I would like to hang out with Barkley

King Ing May 8, 2008 0

Late last night California Correspondent told me to watch TNT, but I was stuck on the Wedding Wars episode of Top Chef. Did I miss some classic television. The Chuckster doesn’t fail to disappoint.

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One thing is true: Cedric likes his Sun Chips

King Ing May 8, 2008 2

There is always two sides to a story and the truth can usually be found somewhere in the middle. But after seeing this picture of Benson on the boat earlier in the day of

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Kobe Bryant, MVP Giant

King Ing May 8, 2008 3

Lakers 120 Jazz 110 – Kobe Bryant (34 pts, 8 reb, 6 ast) spent the first night with his MVP award dominating the Jazz. After the Jazz took a 13-12 lead, Bryant scored the

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Lots of Losers

California Correspondent May 8, 2008 2

We watched Wednesday night TV while you went out drinking. Here’s a recap of who lost big: Chien Ming Wang took the mound and took an L for the Yankees last night, as Cleveland

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I dont think I would actually eat the sandwich

King Ing May 7, 2008 4

From Deadspin comes the greatest way to sneak booze into the racetrack. Cadaverblender gives you a “step by step booklet” on how to make the ultimate alcohol sandwich. I think its great for sneaking

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Harden preparing to return and then get injured again

California Correspondent May 7, 2008 2

The perpetually injured Rich Harden is close to returning from his sixth trip to the DL in the last 4 seasons. Harden made his second rehab start for Class A in Stockton California last

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Guillermo takes matters into his own hands

King Ing May 7, 2008 0

Jimmy Kimmel Live has the best skits on late night TV and since I am on this MMA kick now, it is the perfect time to post this video about Guillermo learning how to

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George St. Pierre: And I need you today, oh Mandy

King Ing May 7, 2008 1

I guess Mandy Moore is a fan of UFC. She was seen jumping up and down rooting on George St. Pierre’s title winning fight over Matt Sierra at UFC 83. According to the Angry

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