Underhanded slap at the Italians

King Ing May 30, 2008 0

Now, i have no idea what the commercial is saying, but what FanIQ deciphered was that a German electronics chain was having fun at the expense of Italians.

“Media Markt created new TV ads featuring “Toni the Italian,” played by German comedian Olli Dittrich. In the ad Toni scurries through the aisles of a Media Markt store plugging a variety of flatscreen TVs with a thick Italian accent, cheesy sales tactics, and greasy machismo.”

And I am guessing this line is the kicker, “The Germans buy laptops; the Italians buy referees.” Referring to the Serie A scandal of 2006 that regulated four of Italy’s top squads.

After the jump another one (If anyone could translate these that would be great)

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