Foul or no foul?

King Ing May 28, 2008 0

Lakers 93 Spurs 91 – Brent Barry (23 pts) was fouled, but you won’t hear that complaint coming out of the Spurs locker room. Down two with 2.1 seconds left, Barry took the inbounds pass, pumpfaked (Derek Fisher jumped in the air), took a hard dribble right only to run into a grounded Fisher. In a regular season game that most likely would have been a foul. But in game 4 of the Wester Conference Final it was not. The reasoning; I have no idea. A savvy veteran (Manu Ginobili or Michael Finley) would have been looking for that contact if he chose to pumpfake.

That play aside, the Lakers took a commanding 3-1 series lead. I find it nearly impossible for the Spurs to win three straight (2 at the Staples Center) against the top seed in the West. Kobe Bryant again led Los Angeles with 28 points and 10 rebounds, while Lamar Odom bounced back from a horrific game 3 with 16 points of his own. The Lakers look to close out the series Thursday night, and by all means should as I see an emotional letdown hurting the defending champs.

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