I’m Shocked. SHOCKED!

Justin May 27, 2008 0

I spent the weekend in lovely Montreal Canada, where I have always been led to believe hockey is more important than anything else on the planet.

Apparently there is a new world order. Because Saturday night, walking down Crescent Street (Rue Crescent?!?), every single bar had it’s big screen tuned to the UFC fight. Meantime, Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals was relegated to the smaller screens behind the bar. I had to get up and walk over to see the score. What happened to the city that rioted when Rocket Richard was suspended? Or the city that lit cars on fire just a few weeks ago when the Habs moved on to the second round of the playoffs? Everyone was far more interested in Tito Ortiz and some dude named Sherk. I, for one, am dissapointed. If you can’t depend on Canada being hockey mad, you can’t depend on anything.

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