Dominicans like it Wilder

Gino Vaginelli May 23, 2008 0

Last week Dave Wilder, the Director of Player Personnel, was fired by the front office of the Chicago White Sox in the wake of an investigation by the Commissioner’s office inquiring into the skimming of bonus money from the signing of unrepresented players in the Dominican Republic.

This wouldn’t be the first issue of corruption with the Chicago White Sox organization (See the 1919 White Sox). In this instance, Wilder once consider a hotshot worthy of a GM job, along with several other Dominican Scouts are alleged to have been signing unrepresented, usually terrible players (typically most talented Dominican prospects have representation) — and signing them to inflated contracts with large signing bonuses. Wilder is alleged to have been misrepresenting the signing bonuses and taking a piece for himself and/or acting as the representation of the players he was signing himself and taking a piece of the pie.

The Commissioner’s office has confirmed an investigation into these allegations but has yet to release any specifics. Unconfirmed anonymous sources claim that Wilder was adjusting the ages of prospects he was signing often claiming that prospects were 5yrs younger than they actually were and was even supplying them with PEDs.

It’s hard to tell at this point if this scandal will have any impact on the White Sox organization, as they may be more victims than anyone in all of this. It should be interesting to see if this story unfolds if it unfolds at all.

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