Bocce, Babes and Booze

California Correspondent May 22, 2008 0

With Memorial Day approaching, what a better way to commemorate the holiday than getting your friends together to drink and play bocce.

As demonstrated by these fine bocce professionals, it’s easy to play with a cold drink in your hand — and be sure to get full arm extension like the competitor on the left.

If you’re planning a party at a beach or park, just bring along a set of bocce balls. Or if you’re lucky like me, walk to your local bocce courts this weekend to get outside and enjoy the holiday.

I’ll be hosting my tournement on Saturday. These girls are invited, but you aren’t.

Plus, what a better way for me to practice for the upcoming 2008 US Bocce National Championships.

Another world-class bocce team after the jump.

Caesars Palace Bocce

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