Coming Up Small

Justin May 22, 2008 0

If the Yankees end up saving their season, a lot of people may point to the return of ARod, who has homered twice (actually three times) since coming of the DL a couple of days ago. But, the real hero may have been standing about 40 feet to Arod’s left last night.

Darrell Rasner is now 3-0. He has become the stopper in the Bronx.

After Phil Hughes got hurt and Ian Kennedy imploded, the Yankees were forced to reach into the minors and pull up a no name prospect to rescue the team. This time it was Rasner.

The same thing happened a couple of years ago. Only that time, it was Aaron Small who rode in on his white horse, and ended up going 10-0. Both pitchers have similar styles, relying on control more than power. We’ll have to wait and see if Rasner can come up as big as Small.

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