What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Justin May 21, 2008 1

Here is the cover to the latest issue of Sports Illustrated:

It seems like a cool idea, and I certainly have no qualms about an article by Tom Verducci. But look closely. This violates one of my biggest pet peeves. It ignores tiny details. If this is happening at Yankee Stadium, why is Derek Jeter being vanquished in his road grays. But even more egregious is the presence of writing on the back of his jersey. The Yankees do not have names on their backs. They never have and never will. If the artist wasn’t sure enough of his ability to draw Jeter’s face, he should have picked someone else. Make it Hideki Matsui. He’s the only relevant Japanese Yankee, and he has those horrifying pockmarks all over his face, which make him easily indentifiable.

Come on SI, you’re better than that!

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  1. California Correspondent May 21, 2008 at 9:10 pm -

    Matsui also has the biggest earlobes I’ve ever seen.

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