Celtics don’t need no rest

King Ing May 21, 2008 0

Celtics 88 Pistons 79 – Coming off a week of rest, many thought this was a perfect opportunity for Detroit to steal a game against the tired Celtics. Little did anyone expect Boston to shoot 52% from the field. Led by Kevin Garnett (26 pts 9 reb) and Paul Pierce, the C’s won game one and continued their home court dominance in the playoffs. KG was on his game, as he repeatedly hit jumper after jumper. You could count on three hands the number of times Rondo or Pierce drove into the lane and kicked it out to an open Garnett. Ray Allen who talked about getting himself involved early continued his struggle from the outside, even to the point where he passed up open looks. I believe the key for the Pistons in this series will be the play of Chauncey Billups. Coming back form injury, he looked lackadaisical at times and wouldn’t attack the basket like normal. Credit Rajon Rondo, but you can see the aftereffects of the hamstring injury on Billups. Game 2 is Thursday night, will the Celtics continue winning on their home court or will the Pistons be heading back to Detroit with the series tied?

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