A hurting in the Bronx

California Correspondent May 21, 2008 0

Moose, the Yankees’ veteran, took a beating at Yankee Stadium last night, departing with a 7-0 defecit 2/3rds of the way into the 1st as Baltimore batted through the order. As the last place team in the AL East, this wasn’t a good sign for the Yankees. And after Mussina exitied, things only got worse.Moose and Milar

Even though Arod returned from the DL to hit a home run, 6 of the Yanks batters failed to hit and Jeter left the game early with a bruised wrist, after getting tagged with a pitch in the 3rd inning.

Yankees’ relief pitcher LaTroy Hawkins retaliated with a pitch over the head of Oriole Luke Scott, which cleared the benches and got Hawkins tossed from the game in the sixth. The Yanks were clearly frustrated, losing the game 12-2.

It’s not looking good for the 20-25 Yankees, who have a .444 record. Will Hank Steinbrenner exhibit the same impatiance as George? Hank said last week, “this is going to get turned around. If not turned around this year, then it will be turned around next year, by force if we have to.” You know if George were managing the team, he’d already be threatening Girardi’s job.

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