Life as a blogger shouldn’t be so rough

King Ing May 21, 2008 1

Will Leitch had a rough night a couple weeks back. We all heard about the televised altercation with Buzz Bissinger and now comes word of greenroom encounter with Chris Carter. After being introduced, the future Hall of Famer realized that Leitch is a “blogger”. What occurred after is detailed in this week’s Sporting News by Will himself:

Cris’ scowl was no longer sneaky. “You know, I got a problem with you,” the Ohio State grad said, through gritted teeth. “Some Michigan blog said I was an a–hole. Better nobody say that to my face.”

Smiling, trying to look calm, I said, “Well, sir, you know, I didn’t write that.”

Cris took a step closer to me. “You damn well better not of, ’cause if you had, I’d take you out right here.”

I smiled, again, shook his hand, and went on my way.

Now I know that being accosted by a 6’3″ former NFL All-Pro can be pretty intimidating and one would want to shy away from such confrontation; but when it does occur, I would want to handle it like Will. You can see a level headed person who knows how to control his emotions. I strive to act like that everyday of my life, yet fail miserably. So keep doing what you do, unless you encounter OJ Simpson.

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