Danilo Gallinari? Really?

Justin May 21, 2008 1

That’s who Chad Ford says the Knicks are going to draft, after the blue and orange somehow managed to lose position in yesterday’s NBA Draft Lottery. I would like to go on record as saying I am opposed to this plan.

Europeans do not have a very strong track record at the Garden. Just ask Vince Carter’s crotch. It was introduced directly to Euroflop number one, Frederick Weis. But, hey, it’s not like Ron Artest would have been much help that year. And remember when the Knicks drafted Macej Lampe with the first pick in the second round, back in 2003? It was the steal of the night. The dude was going to be a super-duper star. Then he was a throw-in during the Marbury trade, and apparently vanished into the Arizona desert.

If Mike D’antoni is looking to install his run and gun system in New York, there is only one logical pick at number 6. And that’s Kevin Love out of UCLA.

He’s a rebounder and a scorer, but more importantly, he’s an amazing passer. What better way to run than off a full court outlet pass off of an inbounds play, especially on a roster like the Knicks, which doesn’t really have a true ball handling point guard. I know the arguments against the pick. Six is too early to take someone like Love, who’s been slotted much lower in the first round, and there’s the chance that he won’t get much better than he is right now. My answer to that…So what? He’s the perfect player for this team and this system right now. And because he’s such a good passer, he’s the type of guy other players want to play with. If the Knicks’ stated goal is to get under the cap and attract a big name free agent in the next couple of years, then having Love on board can only help.

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