What I learned from Carlos Delgado's robbed HR

California Correspondent May 18, 2008 1

Carlos Delgado hit a 3R HR in the 4th inning of ESPN Sunday night baseball, Mets @ Yankees. This home run would have put the Mets up 6-0, but the umps mistakenly called it foul. Instant-replay proved the umpires wrong, as the ball hit the base of the foul pole where the paint goes from yellow to black. While this sucked for Mets fans, here’s what I learned:

– Willie Randolph should have argued the call and gotten thrown out instead of letting his bench coach get ejected. The Mets won, but it would have been better tv had Randolph gotten tossed for arguing it.

– The Yankees have neglected to maintain Yankee Stadium because it should have been an easier call for the umps to make. If the foul poll was yellow and more visible, the umpires would have called it properly – fair.

-ESPN continued to show the guy who caught the controversial homer as he continued to speak with reporters, but ESPN didn’t go talk to the guy. I suppose they didn’t want to embarrass the umps any more than the instant replays already showed.

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  1. King Ing May 18, 2008 at 11:13 pm -

    I learned the Yankees suck

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