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California Correspondent May 18, 2008 1

Barry Zitown3dThe SF Giants and their $126 million star pitcher, Barry Zito, lost tonight to the Chicago White Sox — Zito now becoming the first pitcher in 20 years to lose his first 8 starts. Zito got off to rough start, giving up 1 run in the first and second innings, and walking 6 batters over 5 innings of inter-league play. Zito also failed to get any run support from the Giants and was on the receiving end of some bad calls by the ump. The Giants continue their losing streak (now at 4 games), and Zito continues to rake in the dough. The San Francisco Chonicle has gone as far as creating a calculator that shows how many years it will take you to earn the same salary as Zito. You know it’s rough when your hometown paper can’t resist cheapshots at your salary and performance.

With 8 straight losses, you’d have to figure Zito will get a win soon. In fact, I’m thinking about picking him up in my fantasy baseball league — because seriously, how much worse could it get for him?

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