What will the Preakness infield think of next?

King Ing May 16, 2008 0

The Preakness Stakes means the second leg of the Triple Crown to most. But to those that actually invade the infield, it means something else. Basically 120,000 people, mostly college kids and young professionals getting hammered and inventing all types of idiotic things to do. First it was beer wars. Then someone took it to the next level by actually climbing a pole while hundreds of people threw full beer cans trying to knock him down (no girl would ever think about doing that). Last year, the drunkards took it to the next level by porta-john racing, Running on top of seventy portable outhouses might seem like fun and a great idea while wasted, but with full cans of beer zooming toward your head it’s not a recipe for success. This year the Preakness hopes to stop “the Running of the Urinals” by spacing them out throughout the infield instead of one congregated area. I am interested to see what the Einsteins can come up with this year.

Running of the Urinals after the jump

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