Spurs force a game 7

King Ing May 16, 2008 0

Spurs 99 Hornets 80 – San Antonio continues the home domination in this round of the playoffs, but it has been apparently evident in this series more than any other. The home teams have won by double digits in every game so far and game 6 was no exception. Manu Ginobili (25 pts) and Tim Duncan (20 pts 15 reb) led the Spurs. The defending champs won the all important third period as they outscored the Hornets 20-12. As Tony Parker stated, “The whole series, man. Third quarter looks like it’s pivotal.” Whoever has won the period has went on to win the game.

There was a play in last nights game that will be highly debated as whether it was dirty or clean by Kurt Thomas. Ginobili drove baseline and as David West jumped back to deny the entry pass, Thomas set a back screen on West that re-aggrevated a back injury. Was it dirty? Did Horry lean into the pick? Clearly, but I believe if Manu continued to drive it would have been a clean back pick as West wouldn’t have exposed his back like that. Hopefully David will be alright to suit up an play the decisive game 7 on Monday night.

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