Never lend Ken Griffey Jr. money

King Ing May 15, 2008 1

Sportsbybrooks found this item where Ken Griffey Jr. paid back a $1,500 debt to Josh Fogg in pennies. I owe someone money, and I think I might actually do this. Although I don’t like lifting heavy things like Griffey Jr. does.

“I’m a man of my word,” said Griffey. “When you owe a man $1,500, you pay him. You can’t do a whole lot with pennies, can you? Just think, each box weighs 16 pounds so Fogg has 60 bowling balls in his locker.”

I get fired up when people try to give me dimes instead of quarters. What would happen if someone tried to give me pennies? Hasn’t Ken Griffey Jr. made like a bazillion dollars? Why does he even need to borrow money? Either way, well played!

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