Good Ol’ Fashioned Food Fight at the Ballpark

King Ing May 15, 2008 7

It was dollar hot dog night at Citizens Bank Park on Tuesday. So how do Philly fans celebrate the occasion, by doing what they do best. CAUSING HAVOC! PhillyBurbs has a great journal of the night.

“The event was an absolute disgrace and an embarrassment to anyone with an even an ounce of dignity. I sat in the 200 level and looked up above to a constant screaming of �Let�s go Mets!� I almost missed Jason Werth�s heroics as the attention turned back to the area which had now turned into a food fight. Hot dogs were flying, sodas were thrown. It was a battle zone up there that never ended.”

I guess 12 dollar tickets and a HD for a buck is a good reason to do this. Or maybe it was just the teenagers rebelling after they got their alcohol poured out by undercover cops trying to crack down on underage drinking at the stadium. You can watch the action after the jump. KEYLIGHTS DOWN!


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