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Justin May 13, 2008 0

I don’t care about Spygate. I even hate that it’s called Spygate. Watergate was a watershed moment in American history, changing the role of the media and the perception of the President for the rest of time. Spygate is an idiot with a camcorder taping stuff for another idiot.

Did the Pats cheat? It sounds like they tried to. But even if you know the plays and the signals, you still have to perform. So, I say they still earned whatever wins they have. Plus, after all this hemming and hawing, Roger Goodell says there’s nothing new to learn.

Here’s the thing that really bothers me, though. There’s been all of this coverage, and it means nothing. When I watch a game involving the Pats and they make a great play, I will think to myself, “Self, that was an excellent play”. I will not think “I wonder if they heard the quarterback’s cadence, then quickly communicated it to Belicheck, who referenced his photographic douchebag memory, and then informed the defense which play was coming.” Because that is too much thinking, and the next play will have already started.

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