Young Hollywood loves hockey players

King Ing May 9, 2008 1

Whether it be Elisha Cuthbert or my personal favorite Hilary Duff, the ladies of Hollywood love them some men on ice. Why is this? How come they don’t like the guys of the NFL or MLB? Now I know what you are thinking, what about Tom Brady and Derek Jeter. They have been known to run around with “Hollywood” royalty. You can’t honestly compare Brady or Jeter with the likes of Mike Comrie and Dion Phaneuf. Can you? Would you even know who they were if they weren’t dating “The Girl Next Door” or Lizzie Mcguire? So if there are any ladies out there that could answer this question please do so. This is just another reason why I don’t understand women. And I just wanted to put up a picture of Elisha.

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