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Justin May 9, 2008 2

Joba Chamberlain should be everything that’s right about sports.

He’s a real deal rookie phenom with an American dream story.

When his dad was sick earlier this year, Yankee fans cared. A lot.

But like all heroes, there is an achilles heel. In this case, Joba Chamberlain gets excited. Seriously. That’s it. He pumps his fists after strikeouts sometimes.

And this drives some people nuts. Mike and The Mad Dog have spent days on end discussing it. David Dellucci from the Indians practically started crying after Joba celebrated a strikeout earlier this week.

I don’t get it. Shouldn’t we want athletes who act like they care about their jobs? And as far as those complaints that Joba is showing up his opponents? So what? If you don’t want to be shown up, do something about it.

It’s the same argument I have with media members who freak out everytime a football player dances after scoring a TD or getting a sack. If the other team doesn’t want to see an opponent celebrate, they shouldn’t let him make a big play.


  1. Scott Salley May 9, 2008 at 10:14 pm -

    Its not that some people don’t want players to celebrate and have emotion – its that its not appropriate for HIM to do it right now.

    Here’s why he needs to stop:
    1 – he’s a 2nd year player who has accomplished nothing. Do something with your career. Win a big game. Then celebrate.
    2 – he pitches the 8th inning. Be the closer. Finish the game. Or be a starter. Pitch to more than three batters. Then celebrate.
    3 – its May. Simmer down. Wait until the season is more than a month old and you are in a pennant race. Then celebrate.
    4 – his team is in 4th place. Stop sucking. You don’t see Royals pitchers pumping their fists. Be over 500. Then celebrate.

    Do some of those things – and then I say he can pump his fist all the time.

  2. Dillon May 10, 2008 at 9:32 pm -

    Granted it is May and he’s a second year big leaguer…the kid has a future and loves the sport he plays. The guy who commented said that he shouldn’t celebrate because he only pitches the 8th inning, also because his team is in 4th place and because he’s a second year….I didn’t know it was his fault that he pitches behing MARIANO RIVERA and is on a TEAM in a TEAM sport.

    Joba can celebrate when he wants to, he only gets to pitch in the 7-8th innings and when he does what hes supposed to he gets pumped…

    People that bring down Joba (for those reasons) are sad and have never been good on the field, if they have even touched a ball.

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