You Take The Good, You Take The Bad; Sportscenter and The Facts Of Life

Justin May 5, 2008 0

You know how every Sunday, Sportscenter has those long form reports by Tom Rinaldi? They’re usually tales of triumph over tragedy, and often times, you “have something in your eye” when they end.� Well, yesterday’s installment involved that college softball player who blew out her knee rounding first, after hitting the first homerun of her career.� Two players on the opposing team picked her up and carried her around the bases.� It wasn’t one of Rinaldi’s most earth shattering reports, but still, it was a nice sentiment, and if I had turned off the TV after it aired, I would have walked away feeling pretty good about humanity.�

Instead, I kept watching, and Bob Ley made the awkward transition from college kids doing the right thing and honoring sportsmanship to telling the story of Cedric Benson’s weekend.� The Bears running back was arrested for boating while intoxicated and resisting arrest.�

Ahh… sports.�

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