Monday Night Must-Watch TV

California Correspondent May 5, 2008 2

It’s prime-time tv-watching right now on the East Coast (8:45pm ET) — and those of us cool enough to be on the West Coast are heading home from work. Here’s what to watch if you haven’t already gone to bed:

1. Los Angeles Angels vs Kansas City Royals: Ervin Santana goes for a 6-0 record, trying to match his teammate Joe Saunder’s 6-0 start this year. Also keep an eye on Vlad Guerrero to see if he’ll break out of his 1-18 hitting streak over his last 6 games.

2. Arizona Diamondbacks vs Philadephia Phillies: Could be a pitching duel, with Jamie Moyer facing the rookie Max Scherzer. Can Scherzer live up to the hype after he retired all 13 batters he faced in his major league debut on Monday?

3. CW @ 8pm: New Episode of Gossip Girl. This is what King Ing will probably be watching between commercials during the hoops games.

4. NBA action: Pistons lead the Magic 1-0 and the Hornets lead the Spurs 1-0. Who will win game two??


  1. Lucho May 5, 2008 at 10:20 pm -

    Let’s not forget about HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, and the Hills, you know the King’s glued to the TV watching LC right now…

  2. Big G May 6, 2008 at 8:55 am -

    HIMYM was hilarious last night. “1 ball away from a walk”

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