Derek Fisher has his priorities straight

King Ing May 5, 2008 2

Derek Fisher has had some great moments on the court, including the .4 second shot that beat the Spurs in the playoffs. But it is off the court where you truly see him shine. His 22 month-old child is battling retinoblastoma, cancer of the retina. You might have heard the story during last years playoffs when he played for the Utah Jazz, traveling back and forth from Salt Lake City and Los Angeles to take his then 10 month old baby daughter for treatments. After the Jazz were ousted from the playoffs, Fisher knew what he had to do. Jazz owner Larry Miller let him out of his contract. In doing so he returned to LA where he took “about a 6.5 million dollar paycut” so that his family could be within driving distance of the doctors they trusted. Bill Plaschke correctly titled his article profiling Derek in Sundays Los Angeles Times; Fisher does have his eye on the prize…..his family. It’s a great article about a great man. Best wishes D-Fish!


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