Dr. Strangefan Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Flyers

Justin May 3, 2008 0

It’s hard sometimes when the world of sports intrudes in your every day existence. Such is the case this year, when the NHL Playoffs have a very real possibility of leading to me being set on fire during massive celebratory riots.

I will be in Montreal from May 23rd until May 26th. The NHL Finals could be going on at around that same time. Judging by the reaction Habs fans had after they beat the Bruins in the first round, a chance at a 25th sip from Lord Stanley’s Cup could put them over the top. The old city could burn.

And that is why I, a lifelong New York Rangers fan, have chosen to root hard for the Philadelphia Flyers. So far, so good. The Canadians could be knocked out of the playoffs tonight, unless Guy Carbonneau’s tie has something to say about it.

Once this series ends, so does any allegiance I have to Philly. Also, I will deny ever rooting for them for the rest of my life. This is not about hockey. It’s about self preservation. The only thing burning during this trip to Montreal should be whatever part of my body makes contact with the performers at various establishments around town.

(I think that picture is actually from the Michigan State Riots from a few years ago.. but still.. its a shirtless guy on a burned out car, so you get the point)

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