Why aren’t you out drinking right now?

California Correspondent May 2, 2008 0

We’d like to thank all our readers for stopping by, dropping a comment, and supporting us in our first week online. Our first post wasn’t all that exciting, but we starting hitting our stride mid-week with a guess post from Gianluca, the SportsCracklePop-o-Meter, and a number of solid ones from Justin. To cap off the week, King Ing dropped the most authoritative Derby Guide you will find (and no we aren’t responsible for any money you lose this weekend).

Posting will be light over the weekend, unless we figure out how to get King Ing to live blog the Derby from his brick-like Blackberry 7250. Actually, even if he could post from it, Ing’s posts would be illegible after killing a bottle of JD-DC.

On that note, we say good bye to this week and to the man in this video. Good luck at the OTB and remember, Big Brown delivers!

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