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Daddy, This Lemonade tastes funny.. and a little gay

Justin April 29, 2008 0

Here’s the thing about tenured professors of archaeology at the University of Michigan. They are not up on their girly drinks. Christopher Ratte brought his son to a Tigers game, and bought him some

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Ain’t no party like a Jeff Reed party

King Ing April 29, 2008 3

Is this what an NFL kicker does during the offseason? Maybe, but if you are Pittsburgh Steeler Jeff Reed you can do this during the season too. Whether it be taking pictures of yourself

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Don’t let Stallone see this, he might go Rambo on Montreal

King Ing April 29, 2008 1

Philadelphia is known for having some of the craziest, if not the craziest sports fans in the country. How they can let some guy dressed with a pig nose and a cape do this

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ESPN needed a new on air rivalry ever since Sean Salisbury left

King Ing April 29, 2008 0

I saw this on ESPN’s draft coverage Sunday afternoon and couldn’t wait to post about it. But my lackadaisical attitude and computer illiteracy, especially on how to post a video clip on youtube had

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Jason Wahler could have been a minor league baseball player

King Ing April 29, 2008 0

As most of you don’t know, I love The Hills. I have no idea what keeps me so captivated, but 10pm on Monday nights you will find me glued to my TV drooling over

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Champions League Review/Preview

Gianluca April 29, 2008 1

So, where do I start? Well, the return game between Man U. and Barcelona promises to be outstanding. The first leg should have gone to Barcelona who dominated the game. Unfortunately for the Blaugranas,

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Setting the record straight on cycling jerseys

California Correspondent April 29, 2008 0

As the left-coast correspondent for SportsCracklePop, it’s my job to cover all sports that the rest of United States is oblivious to, such as cycling. To kick off our first cycling-related post, let’s start

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2002, all my troubles seemed so far away

King Ing April 28, 2008 1

Now it looks as though they’re here to stay. Oh I believe in yesterday. I wonder if this is the song Ronaldo is humming to himself right now. Back in 2002, the Brazilian striker

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Zito paid $2.6 million per loss in 2008

California Correspondent April 28, 2008 1

From the Embarrassing Career Moves department, Barry Zito was demoted to the bullpen today after his 0-6 starting record for the SF Giants — only the 3rd pitcher since 1956 to go 0-6 before

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2008-2009 Pre-Preseason Top 5

King Ing April 28, 2008 0

I am no Andy Katz or Jay Bilas, but I do love me some college basketball. With Sunday�s deadline for underclassman to declare for the NBA draft passing, let me give you my pre-preseason

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