The SUNS setting in DALLAS

King Ing April 30, 2008 0

Spurs 92 Suns 87 – In what was suppose to be the best series of the first round, the Spurs showed the rest of the NBA that if you want the crown you are gonna have to come through San Antonio. Led by Tony Parker (31 pts) and Tim Duncan (29 pts 17 reb), the Spurs repeatedly pick and rolled the Suns to death. Free throw shooting didn’t help Phoenix’s cause as they went 20-37 (Shaq missed 11). Word is Mike D’Antonio is out as Suns coach and you can only hope and wonder how the next coach will handle an aging Shaq and Nash.

Hornets 99 Mavericks 94 – You could see the “changing of the guard” coming from a mile away. This whole series, CP3 (24 pts 11 reb 15 ast) made Jason Kidd look slow and old. Jerry Stackhouse let the war of words with Byron Scott get to him as he was thrown out of the game after 2 separate incidents with Chris Paul. The Hornets get a Round 2 matchup with the Spurs while Mark Cuban has to figure what to do with his Mavs. I think an implosion of the Mavs is coming; starting with coach Avery Johnson.

Rockets 95 Jazz 69 – T-Mac’s 29 points helped the Rockets stave off elimination. Now the issue is going back to Salt Lake and trying to win in a place where they have lost six of the last seven games.

Pistons 98 76ers 81- Nice try Philly, but this series is over.

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